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15 Aug

Car Transport Service

Car Transport Service

So you are looking to move your car. And you are asking yourself, “Where do I begin?”

Well, look no further because today I am going to explain the major points to consider when looking for car transport and move your car to its new home.

Car transport service is a confusing mess, but here is the breakdown. There are basically three levels to the car transport industry:

  • You the client
  • Us the car transport broker
  • Carriers and drivers

As a rule, car transport carriers and drivers do not necessarily want to talk directly with clients. They are interested in driving. Picking up cars and delivering cars. That is what they do.

Our role as a car transport broker is to help you the client find a driver, get the best price for the route, and manage the pickup and delivery from door to door. We talk to drivers all day and can best help advise you on what to expect to pay for a vehicle going on a certain route. We will also work with the driver on getting the car picked up and delivered without incident directly to your door.

Still with me?

Now that you have a general outline of how the car transport business is structured, let’s get on with what to expect during the process of working with a broker.

Below are some very important question on how to move your car with the least amount of headache and hurt on your wallet.

Things you need to consider BEFORE looking for car transport quotes:

  • What type of car transport do I need?
    The options are Open car transport or Enclosed car transport. As the words imply, your vehicle will be moved on a truck where it will either be out in the open, or inside an enclosed trailer. Enclosed car transport is obviously the most protected from the weather and rocks or debris hitting the vehicle from the road. But, enclosed car transport is typically double the price. Is your car one of a kind? A collector’s item? Value higher than $50k? Then you probably should consider Enclosed car transport. Otherwise, you will be fine with Open car transport.
  • Dates for pick-up and delivery
    If you can wait for a week or more, this will give the broker time to find a car transport carrier at the lowest price. If you need it within a one or two day window, you will pay a premium for that.
  • Pick-up and Delivery locations
    Do you live far from the interstate or large city? Car transport carriers do not like to drive one way empty to pick-up a car in a remote location. That is called “dead heading” and will cost you more since they have to drive one way empty.

The question you need to ask yourself is, “Can I meet the driver in a major city or on a major interstate so they do not have to go out of their way to get my car?” If the answer is yes, you will lower the cost of your move a lot.

  • Does your car run and drive?
    Obviously, if the car operates, the car transport carrier can put it on the trailer with less work and at less cost.
  • Is the car going to a Port?
    If the answer is yes, you will often have to pay an additional fee as the driver must have a special identification known as a TWIC card to enter the port area. Overall it is more time and work to deliver a car to a port.


Did you know that at Newark Port, drivers have to spend the night waiting in line?
You will have to take their additional time into considering how much you will pay for delivering your car to the port.

  • Does the carrier need to pick up the title, other documents, keys, etc.?
    Another question that will be asked when looking for quotes.


So now that you have all your information together, you are ready to start looking for quotes.


I need a Quote!

We pride ourselves on giving our clients access to prices we see here on Central Dispatch, the national car transport carrier load board.

With our expertise, we will give you recommendations on what is the best price to start your offer to drivers and how long to expect to wait to find a car transport carrier.

We charge a nominal fee to help you find a driver at the best possible price and manage the move from door to door.

Fill out the form on the right and we will get back with you asap with some numbers.

Thanks again for reading our article. I hope you found some useful information.


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